Welcome to LKA| Photography, the home of creative luxurious newborn and pregnancy photography.

My name is Lelde and I am a mummy, a wife and a photographer. I am self- taught, with a background in make-up artistry. I am extremely passionate of what I do and love to be a perfectionist (like my husband). I have been doing newborn photography since 2010. My journey began when my lovely daughter was born. She is my inspiration and means a world to me. I have photographed all ages, but my love is newborn portraiture. It is such an amazing time in life, one that changes so quickly and is so beautiful. As a mummy, the newborn images of my own, give me the most joy. Remembering their tiny features, the wispy hair, the new velvety skin and that little belly button, brings back these amazing memories of when we first met. These days should be captured and always remembered.

Beautiful photography is something that becomes even more valuable with time that is why I am truly motivated each time my camera is in my hands to create the best images possible. So if you are a person who appreciates unique, exquisite and timeless images, I look forward to working with you and be your baby photographer.